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A vicious woman deserves her to kill crazy

A vicious woman deserves her to kill crazy

A vicious woman deserves her to kill crazy

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    A vicious woman deserves her to kill crazy
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    Yuqing evening
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    Daily Novel
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2022-09-22 14:55:30
[wear books] Qin Qian wears books and takes the script of a vicious woman the ending that belongs to her is that she is extremely depressed, has no choice but to kidnap the female Lord, but is pierced in the chest by the male Lord Wen Shidan with an arrow, dies in Qingyuan River and has no bones in order to survive in the real world, Qin Qian walked the plot of concubines, framed the female Lord and humiliated the male Lord with great ease although the development of the story was slightly different from the original story, she finally stood by the Bank of Qingyuan river with the original bookwoman the enemy general tied her and Qin Zhiqiu and asked Wen Shidan to choose one Qin Qian smiled at that time and thought that the enemy might have something wrong with his head. Who doesn't know that Wen Shidan's favorite person is Qin Zhiqiu although he thinks so, when Wen Shidan said Qin Zhiqiu's name, Qin Qian still inevitably lost before being completely submerged by the river, she saw Wen Shidan struggling to rush to the Bank of the river, with red eyes and a sad look at her direction Qin Qian vaguely heard him shouting - shallow note: he, Shuangjie, love each other and kill each other, followed by a crematorium.

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