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She dotes on Miss Shen

She dotes on Miss Shen

She dotes on Miss Shen

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    She dotes on Miss Shen
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    Qing jiuv
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    Cook Books
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2022-08-02 13:35:40
Doctor Gu in the emergency department grew handsome and golden, with peach blossoms flying all over the sky but he has never had an affair with any woman but only Dr. Gu's brothers know that he has been single and refused to be ambiguous Dr. Gu has been waiting for a person who hasn't returned for ten years a Chao on the tip of his heart ยท when Miss Shen comes back Dr. Gu wants to take off his bill every day however, Miss Shen, who is not in love with him, has completely put him down in those years abroad one does not love, the other is deeply in love when Ms. Shen was pestered by Dr. Gu, the cruelest thing she said to him was: your love came too late when the rival appeared, Dr. Gu's eyes turned red and begged humbly, "ah Chao, don't look at him." Miss Shen was indifferent: "you look like me who secretly loved you." unfortunately, love came too late it's a favorite article, not a sadistic article. In my memory, I abuse women, chase my wife and abuse men every day ~ just collect it if you like if there are similarities, they are purely accidental no prototype.

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