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Aojun s cold imperial concubine

Aojun s cold imperial concubine

Aojun s cold imperial concubine

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    Aojun s cold imperial concubine
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    Don't panic
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    Woske Novel
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2022-08-04 06:10:15
She was the daughter of a former grand master. She was weak by nature. She should have spent her life in a water town, but she was pulled into the red wall because of a chance encounter. The former Emperor tied a knot and hurt four people. She entered it by mistake and solved the entanglement between two generations, but put herself into another robbery. It is difficult to escape from now on... he is a Xuanyao new monarch. He is moody, arrogant and irritable. At the first sight, she is as cold as orchid and independent from the world. She pretends to be ruthless for peace. He accompanied her to play a deep love "the emperor abandons his country and mountains and does not lose the plum in the city and snow" He gave her beautiful clothes and loved her unparalleled. Layers of calculation and injury were fatal to stay behind... he was her childhood sweetheart and deeply loved her. He was willing to retire to Linquan all his life and bring her to old age. In order to protect her all her life, he went far away to the north of the Great Wall to make achievements. When he became famous, he had to follow the ceremony of kings and officials. "Xu Qing is a country with a body of seven feet". In a living army, he has been xuanyaoping for ten years. He can save the people all over the world, but he can't save the love in his heart

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