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Rebirth age: there is a happy wife at home

Rebirth age: there is a happy wife at home

Rebirth age: there is a happy wife at home

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    Rebirth age: there is a happy wife at home
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    Ji Xia 28
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    Apple novel
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2022-08-04 08:12:33
There are women in the family. It is named "Pearl", which means the Pearl of the eye it's not easy to grow up to a beautiful age, but no one comes to propose marriage family members: the Pearl of my family is naturally beautiful. These people are blind villager: who is blind? Your girl is lazy, ugly and fat the family members rolled up their fists: what are you talking about? Say it again the villagers scattered in a crowd: I can't afford to provoke them, can't I hide * * the third brother was ignorant and learned nothing. He lost his family and owed a lot of debt. The creditor came to the door for money. Gu Mingzhu chased him half the village with a knife GU Mingzhu: black sheep, I won't kill you the villagers' faces changed slightly with fear: the daughter-in-law here doesn't want to marry even if she gives money a man is having fun: you don't marry me. No one is arguing with me * * but with her powers, she became a great beauty. She got rich with her family and built one big tile roofed house after another I lost my chin in all directions: the girl of the family is beautiful and intelligent. She is the first choice to be a daughter-in-law. I have to hurry to propose marriage a man sharpens his knife: I'll solve whoever dares to come to the door GU Mingzhu: you ignored me yesterday, but you can't stand me today.

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