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Star s strongest female god of war

Star s strongest female god of war

Star s strongest female god of war

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    Star s strongest female god of war
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    Drunk in the wasteland 9
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-09-29 06:57:43
Wandering to the alien system, in order to survive, zesixian took two steamed stuffed bun women to dress up as men, and forcibly lived himself into a black and coquettish violent man, fighting all over the star invincible small theater: zesixian looked at the hundreds of star ships besieging her outside, stroked his cheek and sighed deeply: "Alas, the whole star coveted my beautiful face, and the ends of the earth didn't let me go..." Xia Qiao came out from behind her with a sneer, raised his hand and twisted her ears, and tried his best: "Let me help you recall what happened to these star ships? Why did you kick the daughter of the planet chief off the car? Why did you rob the transport ships of allies? Why did you rob other people's little princes? Why did you point at the female emperor's nose and scold other people's old demons? Ah! Why?" zesixian: "... no male Lord, no male Lord, -- don't ask me again, no male Lord.

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