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Return to the original infrastructure

Return to the original infrastructure

Return to the original infrastructure

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    Return to the original infrastructure
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    Sit and drink cold water
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2022-08-04 00:18:17
In the last ten years, Qiao Yu died in the battle. When she opened her eyes again, she wore it to the primitive society as the leader of the tribe, A-fu mountain was bitten by a tiger, and the green Wolf with deep contradiction with the mountain wants to replace it without saying a word, Qiao Yu went up the mountain to fight the tiger and won the position of tribal leader making pottery, planting and breeding, Qiao Yu led the tribe through the most difficult winter Qiao Yu moved tribes, built dwellings, reclaimed land, and developed fisheries and aquaculture. She improved her weapons, dug trenches and built walls hostile tribes attack and are easily annihilated; Flash floods, all sides to vote Qiao Yu established a perfect legal system and management organization in the Zhou Dynasty after the founding of the people's Republic of China. The first feudal dynasty in history is like a rising star... PS: no CP in this article book friends: 492033650

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