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Escape of Xianjun

Escape of Xianjun

Escape of Xianjun

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    Escape of Xianjun
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    Bai Zhijing
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    Cool Novel
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2023-03-26 00:23:18
Because of the war with the demon family, for the safety of the six realms, Li baixianjun used all his body spells to seal the demon head and fell into the world. He became a little boy of seven or eight years old. He lost all his memory and was adopted by a local family living by the sea. He was named wood there is a little girl two or three years younger than wood in this family. Her name is Xiao ah Qi, and there is a helpful ah Niu next door soon after, demons often made trouble, and several people began to learn from their teachers and protect their homes but trouble came one after another, and several people had to embark on the road of looking for artifact.