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I built a city at the end of the world

I built a city at the end of the world

I built a city at the end of the world

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    I built a city at the end of the world
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    Time oak nine
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2022-01-24 08:50:38
Xubai was reborn back ten years ago, the fifth day of the end of the world in this life, instead of awakening her powers, she was bound to a system Xubai, with ten years of experience in the end of the world, seized the opportunity and took the lead in establishing the base zombies are rampant and dangerous in the end of the world learn about the black technology shield in the base there is a shortage of food in the end of the world. There is a big food sale in the base. Let's learn more. There are even takeout boys who deliver meals to the door at the end of the world, there was chaos, killing and looting, and there was peace in the base. Everyone could live with both hands later the base has become a light in the end there are all kinds of shops with complete food, drink, housing and transportation, which meet all people's living needs. Everyone doesn't want to leave when they come... in order to survive, Xubai is happily farming and building a base every day it's just that she has a little follower around her it is impossible to fall in love. Falling in love will only affect the speed of her infrastructure later, I hit my face.

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