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Fu masters do not envy immortals

Fu masters do not envy immortals

Fu masters do not envy immortals

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    Fu masters do not envy immortals
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    52weixin Books
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2023-03-10 09:47:01
There has been a vein of Fushi for thousands of years since ancient times Master said: a man of Valor, a man of immortality, is for himself seeing the immortal who regards mortals as ants, Jiang Weixing understood what master meant she knew that her talent was limited. She had no intention of looking for an immortal. She just wanted to be a mortal quietly, but she was chased and killed for unwarranted reasons. She had to seek strength to protect herself even if he couldn't help stepping into the immortal cultivation world, Jiang Naixing didn't forget the first rule of wearing books to protect his life: stay away from the male Lord! Don't get involved in the main plot however, when she was trying to dig the corner of the original man, she suddenly found that her beautiful sister was the biggest villain in the book, the bracket man.