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Big men run amok in the entertainment industry

Big men run amok in the entertainment industry

Big men run amok in the entertainment industry

Rating: 9 / 10 from 43644 ratings
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    Big men run amok in the entertainment industry
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    Ji Shuo
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    Woske Novel
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[entertainment circle relaxed and cool literature] [hidden and omnipotent big man woman vs proud and charming man with fake high cold and true loyal dog] [this is the story of a big man turning the tide, turning the tide against the wind, and finally dominating the entertainment circle] * * * the last big man regenerates a girl love bean full of black material seeing villains everywhere and troubles emerging one after another, the big man sighed she has always been good tempered and principled, advocating peace and not easy to fight with others -- unless you can't help it so the rumor collapsed, the sunspot broke, and the audience was really fragrant from everyone shouting and fighting to being sought after by the whole people, there are fans everywhere selfie licks the dog: goddess! Goddess! The goddess is the most beautiful little brother dogleg: Tang Ye! Tang Ye! Tang Ye is the most SA and someone: wife! wife! My wife loves me Jiangtang: good * * * [Episode 1] a female sophomore came to a play crew. It is said that she was covered with scandal and was still a vase initial audience & Crew: Jiang Tang, get out of the entertainment circle then - Audience & Crew: really fragrant [clip 2] a girl who dropped out of school in the third year of senior high school is said to be a female star at first - classmate: does this spicy chicken have the face to stay then - classmate: big brother, kneel down ********* (the background is overhead, there is no prototype, do not take a seat according to the number)

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