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It s hard to get married again

It s hard to get married again

It s hard to get married again

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    It s hard to get married again
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2022-08-06 05:45:55
A single parent family is no big deal. Reorganizing a family is still shameful, but if the single parents of two classmates are together, it has to be said separately. It's safe to lose face. Wen he couldn't stay unmoved, so he turned around and formed a bad front alliance with Xu Chengyi. They have implemented the strategic policy of unscrupulous means to achieve their goals, but they also have a personal experience of the desolation and frustration of being inferior to others. A new family, a new beginning, their relationship is once back to before liberation. Turning a deaf ear and turning a blind eye has reduced the family atmosphere to the freezing point. It is impossible to love each other. How to break the ice has become a top priority. I looked down and didn't see it. I looked up and tried a few times before I found that there was a devil in my heart. The devil is notoriously timid and unwilling to open his arms for fear of injury. After a fierce operation like a tiger, the devil finally wanted to open up and realized a truth, which was written in a couplet: couplet 1: the little white rabbit dreamed of becoming a big gray wolf, and the big gray wolf was bitten into a lover second couplet: I don't want to live in a wolf's nest. I have nowhere to hide. I can only wag my tail and cry for my father and mother banners: they are all a family.

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