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What the hell are the latest detectives doing

What the hell are the latest detectives doing

What the hell are the latest detectives doing

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    What the hell are the latest detectives doing
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    When did Dong get rich
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    Novel 520
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2023-03-15 11:20:16
Shock! How come the things in the museum were stolen again? Is the police useless? shocked! Recently, beautiful college students suddenly started painting on the street, which shocked passers-by shocked!! The legendary murder of male high school students!? Is it true or false shock! The ruins in the north of the city glitter every midnight. What are the unnatural phenomena? I, a poor and white private detective, have three creeds in life first, if I can whore for nothing, I must whore for nothing Second, if I can mix, I must mix Third, I can't solve anything that can be solved with money Yes, I'm a famous detective in this city, So what is the entrustment of this beautiful lady? As long as Dongmou can do it, you can give enough... ^ V ^ ah Xiaobai lost it again. It's okay. I've got a thorough understanding of the puppy these days. I know its whereabouts like the back of my hand. I'll get it back in one day this is a story about a sand sculpture private detective solving a case. It is set by the author OC. The protagonist is the author's design, which is mainly written for himself. I am a master of self entertainment. The world outlook is also OC. The world outlook is very chaotic. It is modern. The country has no restrictions. Anyway, there are empty shelves, chaotic names, such as Japan, China and Britain. The level of science and technology is higher, There are normal people, abnormal people, and not people. There are kesulu myths, angels and demons, demon kings, brave people, orcs, superpowers, magic, murder and arson, and sitting and wearing at the bottom of the prison. Anyway, there are main stem sand carvings, which are written to play

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