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Dr. Lu, I m super sweet!

Dr. Lu, I m super sweet!

Dr. Lu, I m super sweet!

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    Dr. Lu, I m super sweet!
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    Wei Xiaomang
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-05-19 15:15:08
Read more of my works on Wen's website! When she opened her eyes and looked at the familiar scene, Su Nuan smiled. She was reborn. For a new life, she must tear the white lotus and green tea bitch! Still busy chasing Dr. Lu, the agent looked at Su Nuan and was very confused. Didn't he still hide from Dr. Lu before? Always work in the first place. Why are you not busy endorsing and filming now? Now you are busy chasing Dr. Lu, chasing Dr. Lu, or chasing Dr. Lu! Scene 1: Su Nuan sits in a chair with a soft tone and says "doctor, dizzy..." to Dr. Lu. Scene 2: Dr. Lu puts down his pen and suddenly gets up. "Where are you going?" "do you have your ID card and Hukou book?" "ah...?" "don't you say you like me? Let's go. You can get your card at the Civil Affairs Bureau now and get off work later!" scenario 3: special help is careful to say "Lu Shao, it's said on the Internet that you eat soft food?" men turn off the video conference "it's good to eat soft food, they can't eat it!" Special help stooped. "Lu Shao, the whole network is laughing at his wife for marrying a poor doctor!" the man uses the company group microblog @ Su Nuan to introduce to you, this is my wife!

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