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Dressed as a fake daughter-in-law

Dressed as a fake daughter-in-law

Dressed as a fake daughter-in-law

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    Dressed as a fake daughter-in-law
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    A path
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    Sky Book
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2022-08-03 15:26:45
Guan Luojin died suddenly after reading a novel after working overtime. When she woke up again, she found that she had passed through and became the fake daughter-in-law in the ancient early article true and false daughter-in-law at that time, the fake daughter was still young. After a plague, Guan Luojin faced the death of her father, mother and husband, leaving a son and sister-in-law. Now there is no money in the house and no firewood in the winter. There are fat rich men in the same village who come to extort money and rob women Guan Luojin kicks the rich man to protect his son and sister-in-law there is no way out of heaven. Gold was dug out outside the house. I thought I could live like a rich woman. I didn't want to be robbed by the government. I became poor and homeless even so, you must not bow to life Guan Luojin had to take her children to touch porcelain on the street for a living. She didn't want to touch the marriage door since then, there has been an expensive lady in the capital, but tragedies have followed, and the secrets hidden for many years have surfaced what is the identity of the real daughter? Where did the son come from... on the day of marriage, the bride eloped with true love. As the groom, Shen Xuchen searched hard for many years and met again five years later. Unexpectedly, it came from touching porcelain on the street... SHEN Xuchen: "you spent five hundred liang of the bride price and still want to run away?" Guan Luojin: "I didn't spend it. It was robbed and robbed, okay?" SHEN Xuchen: "? Don't understand!" On how old lovers come to the door the older widow with no bottom line x Hou men is sick and weak. Your childe

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