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Sorrow alone in summer

Sorrow alone in summer

Sorrow alone in summer

Rating: 9 / 10 from 382 ratings
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    Sorrow alone in summer
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    Luan Eagle
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    Light Novel
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2023-01-24 18:53:39
Sheng Xia was left behind when she was born. The Sheng family picked her up and raised her. The treatment is certainly not good. She is often beaten, abused and brainwashed. She is arbitrarily held in the palm of her hand. Is the coming of the end a turning point or a greater misfortune Scene 1 a line of well-dressed people passed by. Some of them were carrying all kinds of equipment. People turned a blind eye to midsummer. They even saw her shabby clothes full of patches and took two more steps to bypass her. Sheng Xia looked more curiously, but he was kicked straight. He rubbed his face against the ground and scratched the skin "what are you looking at, little beggar? Is this what you can see?" the man kicked the past and symbolically picked up a stone and waved it at Sheng Xia. Seeing that Sheng Xia was scared and walked away, he laughed with laughter Scene 2 Sheng Xia pinches his dripping clothes without talking or crying. Fingers unconsciously grasp the rough fabric. She wears all the old clothes given by others from outside. There are countless patches alone. Some of them looked at the clothes with body noodles, or she secretly went to the cemetery to pick up the burial clothes of the dead children. But she didn't dare to wear it, not because of bad luck, but because the clothes buried with her looked brighter than all her clothes and were too conspicuous midsummer stretched out the light from the crack of the door and looked at the girl's clothes nearby. She pinched her clothes with her hands. They had dry, soft and smooth textures and embroidered patterns. Sheng Xia was envious and refused to let go. She was beaten several times by the girl before reluctantly loosening her clothes.

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