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The tyrant s ugly medical concubine

The tyrant s ugly medical concubine

The tyrant s ugly medical concubine

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    The tyrant s ugly medical concubine
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    Qin Wenyin
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    Long Novel
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2022-08-04 19:12:47
He, beimingyan, the king of Tianli, was cruel and ruthless, and decisively killed. It is said that every full moon night, people will suck Yin and Yang blood. People all over the world smell the wind and disperse their courage, known as the "wolf king". She, ye Zimei, a medical postdoctoral in the 21st century, has made a breakthrough in the medical field at a young age. She is not only very beautiful, but also versatile. Her piano art and dance have won many international awards, and her medical skills are even more amazing. There are many pursuers around her, but she refuses people thousands of miles away, so she is called "cold beauty"! Because of the original family, the father looked for Xiao San, and the mother was killed. She didn't believe in love. Once through, she became Xue Lingyun, the direct daughter of the Prime Minister of Tianli state. She was not only ugly, but also a straw bag without virtue and talent! Here she will embark on a journey to find love!

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