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90 archaeological records

90 archaeological records

90 archaeological records

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    90 archaeological records
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    One by one in the wind
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    The One Book
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2022-08-09 09:40:56
In the midsummer of 1997, American school y sent an e-mail notice to Su Xiaowan, who was studying for a doctor, to persuade him to quit. A few days later, Su Xiaowan left school alone in the scorching sun with his luggage, with a faint sneer on his face on the other side of the ocean, Shen Weifeng, who received a difficult project, was worried about the manpower problem. Su Xiaowan from the United States happened to appear in front of him No, no! This is definitely not a good night! This man's thinking is wonderful and weak. What can he do to go to the northwest while making up his mind to refuse Su Xiaowan to join the archaeological project, Shen Weifeng was full of contradictions when he was unable to give up the unique knowledge of the Su family but Su Xiaowan secretly made up his mind: I'll go wherever Shen Weifeng goes in the wind and sand of Northwest China, Shen Weifeng was tortured by foreign female foreign aid. Where should he go

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