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Seduce the husband introduction style 108

Seduce the husband introduction style 108

Seduce the husband introduction style 108

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4573 ratings
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    Seduce the husband introduction style 108
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    L Murong Yuner
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    Day Books
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[provocative but unknown Rose Fairy vs dark bellied and domineering God of war] [Fairy Fantasy drama, with a slightly abusive plot, but most of it is the sweet plot of rose fairy's husband] she is the rose essence of thousands of years of cultivation. One day, she was lucky to get the guidance of an Immortal Emperor and practice adult form from then on, Turning into a human, she is like a blooming rose, dazzling, charming and charming; With a fragrance of roses on his body, he was wearing a gorgeous red dress, which looked like a fairy coming to earth suddenly one day, a book fell from the sky. Curiously, she opened it and changed her life from then on... from then on, a little flower fairy who didn't know anything directly became a princess of the black god of war, and she was still an unpopular and vicious girl with a very bad reputation. Finally, she asked her husband to divide her body thinking of this tragic ending, she can't escape for the time being. She can only keep flattering her husband who finally dismembered her... it turns out that it has been a game since she picked up the book, a game specially arranged for her

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