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A curtain of wind and moon nine days

A curtain of wind and moon nine days

A curtain of wind and moon nine days

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    A curtain of wind and moon nine days
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    Bamboo rice
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    Long Novel
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2023-06-03 20:23:12
She seems dead, but pinching the meat hurts; She is still alive and seems to have died countless times whether life is true or false is in a trance in a world that knows nothing, there will be surprises only if you go on, but not including this - "did you forget our first meeting on the Bank of weak water?" a handsome man blocked the way and asked She: "... There's no such thing at all. You recognize the wrong God." (this article is divided into the trilogy of mortal, Xiuzhen and heaven. The male Lord only appears in the last part, and may not get married and have children. Please be careful not to enter the CP party and Tianwen party!!! in addition, all the contents of this article are purely fictional. Please don't be too careful and imitate, thank you ~.)

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