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Come on, big man. She s gorgeous

Come on, big man. She s gorgeous

Come on, big man. She s gorgeous

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    Come on, big man. She s gorgeous
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    Song miaoran
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    Free Trial Novel
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Song Xinxin, who was on vacation, was suddenly taken to a dark closed space by an evil force. She thought she was going to face a fierce and powerful opponent, but she didn't expect to be an unidentified creature with a cute appearance but forced to pretend to be ferocious and have the appearance of a human little boy the unknown creature said, "why aren't you afraid?" he claimed to be a system and said he would take her to fly Song Xinxin: hehe just you, it's not certain who will take who so one person one system started the fast wear journey but the more she got to the back, the more she felt something was wrong, and the more she felt it was a trap because of the person who has been following her ass, how can she become more and more familiar with it!

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