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Classic dream notes

Classic dream notes

Classic dream notes

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    Classic dream notes
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    Dream black cat
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2022-09-29 21:03:06
It is said that as long as you sincerely pray, someone will guide you to a pawnshop called dianmeng YouSHE any demand can be fulfilled, but an equivalent price must be paid some people say classical dreams exist in the world, but they don't belong to the world. They are pawnshops run by demons on earth. They will slowly lure you to the endless abyss, drain everything from you, and get your soul others say dianmeng secluded house is a place where dreams can come true. Compared with praying to God, it only needs to pay the same price to get what you want... "are you willing to pawn your dream?" "I do." in dianmeng secluded house, the man signed his name on the contract as the boss of dianmeng YouSHE stretched out his hand, a wisp of soul came out of the man's body the man's previous wish began to come true... the Taoist who came down from the heaven sat above the tall building opposite the dianmeng secluded house seeing everything below, his face became dignified "it's time to stop them from acting recklessly, for the sake of the world and for her..."

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