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Crown Princess Huayang

Crown Princess Huayang

Crown Princess Huayang

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    Crown Princess Huayang
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    My sister is me
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2023-01-25 03:35:48
Through the overhead text, refer to the time settings of the Three Kingdoms and the spring and Autumn Warring States period Princess Hua ningyue of the state of Chu finally woke up after being seriously injured, but her memory disappeared Chu Yanhe was eager to protect his sister, so he had to work with crown prince Yu zhouyin of the state of Qin to design the illusion of "the princess was assassinated and killed" to escape the marriage The Princess of the state of Chu, whose soul came from the 21st century, lived in exile and met the crown prince of the state of Qin who deliberately pretended to be crazy and foolish in order to bear revenge a battle of "love" The curtain of the grand drama of seizing power has just begun... many years later, Empress Dowager Huayang, who is at the top of the power of the state of Qin, finally understood that Chu Yanhe's every step in the past was for the survival of the state of Chu, and Yu zhouyin's every step was to share the white head with her day and night the theme of the article: about love and career, the balance of strength and the length of small water never contradict each other

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