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I hear you want to sue Ben Wang

I hear you want to sue Ben Wang

I hear you want to sue Ben Wang

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    I hear you want to sue Ben Wang
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    joyce_ jb
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    The One Book
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2022-08-03 21:47:02
One-on-one shuangwen ~ Song Xianxian, who first came to the world, has a reputation. With the title of a princess with a flower crazy straw bag, he has to face a cheap prince who doesn't have much cruel words every day< Br> however, she relies on her original perfume to paint her pearl powder and get mixed up in the palace. Br > the only thing that makes her unhappy is Nangong Ming. For this nominally listed prince, he is a stumbling block on her way to wealth. Various rules and regulations restrict her personal freedom, and gradually came up with the idea of stopping him one day, Nangong Ming sat in front of the book case and looked at Song Xianxian with a low eyebrow and asked "I heard that you want to quit the king?" facing the things in someone's hand, song Xianxian said with a face of denial "who said that? I'll fight with her." this idea was extinguished by Nangong Ming once. After a long time, he was used to his cold treatment one day, I found that Nangong Ming didn't know what was wrong. Her fierce eyes became gentle, making her hair every time she looked.

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