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Quick wear teacher

Quick wear teacher

Quick wear teacher

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    Quick wear teacher
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    Long Yubo
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    Weixin Book
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2023-05-08 17:38:24
As an ancient order, Xinying has gone through countless ancient periods. As an order, it needs to arrange all things in an orderly and organized way to achieve the normal operation of the three thousand world. However, one day Xinying suddenly has consciousness. As a newly born consciousness, it needs a lot of judgment on the right and wrong of everything, and it is very difficult to determine whether it is right or wrong, Therefore, the maintenance of the three thousand world began to collapse, and people no longer have faith in their hearts. Therefore, the ancient heaven code punished Xinying for spending a miserable and lonely life in reincarnation for ten thousand years. When the ten thousand year reincarnation passed, a retrospective mirror will be arranged to help Xinying repair the three thousand world that gradually collapsed when Xinying is bound by the retrospective mirror, it is when she loses her mother. The retrospective mirror tells her that as long as she completes the task, she can return to her original world, change all this and save her mother this is a strong female article, no CP, cool, counter attacking all kinds of sad and hastening fate it is divided into chapters: 1: teachers 2: Tea artists, reviewers 3: Palace Museum restorers 4: winemakers, tasters 5: appraisers, auctioneers 6: Architects 7: flavorers 8; Zither player 9: Flower arranger 10: final chapter

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