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She s bad and beautiful

She s bad and beautiful

She s bad and beautiful

Rating: 9 / 10 from 43650 ratings
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    She s bad and beautiful
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    Liu Xi
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    Beauty Read
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2023-03-17 01:08:57
The book is also known as "big brother, don't sleep, Fu Lang cries" after the city died, he thought he could turn into a fierce ghost for revenge. Who knows whether he survived, married instead of the original owner, or married a famous three disabled person, blind, disabled legs and disabled body escape! He must escape. He has to take revenge it's just... He has more yin and Yang eyes... the city cries: don't sleep, wife, Lord. There are ghosts Pang Xi:... Still running Chengchi: don't run away... Fuxi! No matter in previous life or this life, the biggest thing is to sleep. Her master disliked it and was kicked into the world of Yin-Yang inversion. She married a little husband in the nvzun state, and then everything became different I don't sleep well Fuxi: don't kiss, I'm not a sleeping beauty City: wife Lord, I'm afraid of ghosts Fuxi:... (afraid of ghosts, how dare you turn into fierce ghosts in your previous life) Chengchi: wife, wife master Fuxi: I didn't sleep