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I am a sick child born again

I am a sick child born again

I am a sick child born again

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    I am a sick child born again
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    Cornus officinalis
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2023-03-16 06:59:57
Zhan Luan Ge is the owner of the war family in vain, the second young master of Kunlun, and the first God of Shifeng. However, he woke up and became the sick child of the Su family in Daqing. Su Jingyun was ill in bed since childhood and had no spiritual power. Find someone to inquire, but learned that he was drunk and died of drunkenness. The world says she has done her own evil. For a time, Zhan Luan song couldn't find a refutation. She knew that she was good at this wine. Anyway, Zhan Luan Ge originally wanted to be a flat head common people, eat fish and meat, drink big wine and be happy. Unexpectedly, the war family was in chaos, his aunt was strangely paralyzed, and there were constant collateral disputes among the war family, and Su Jingyun was also involved.