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She s killing zombies again

She s killing zombies again

She s killing zombies again

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    She s killing zombies again
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    There is no Wo in my dream
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    Daily Novel
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2023-03-27 08:29:00
Shi Ruoyan had a dream that she was a kind little white flower when she wore it to the end of the world, but she was betrayed and tortured by others. Finally, she turned black into a villain and killed the male owner, with a sad end when she woke up, Shi · Xiaobaihua · Ruoyan, sure enough, her front foot just finished helping others, and her back foot was betrayed. When she thought of all kinds of torture and miserable ending, Shi Ruoyan was silent life matters. Shi Ruoyan binds the system and directly holds the man's thick thigh. This little white flower and villain who loves to be who, Shi Ruoyan just wants to be the man's Pendant and go back to the real world smoothly and smoothly until the end it's just that the man's eyes are getting more and more wrong< Br > at the first time after the heavy work, Jin Beichen hurried with the team to find Bai moonlight< Br > is Shi Ruoyan tired? At night, a brand-new car appeared in front of him. His little daughter-in-law was so weak that she couldn't walk. Shi Ruoyan shot the zombie in the head? Must be to get the Zombie's crystal core to upgrade him? She loves him so much the teammates looked at the man who had always been high and cold with horror: good captain, how can you say crazy is crazy a dedicated woman who thinks she has gone through a hard task and a man who only wants to spoil his daughter-in-law.

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