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Our wanton youth

Our wanton youth

Our wanton youth

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    Our wanton youth
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    Pei Zhang
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    Happy Novel
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2023-03-01 20:36:47
They, four people, come from different cities and meet because of a bedroom< br> "Hey, do you know how loud you snored last night? please read carefully in the library. Don't look around. I've observed that there are no handsome guys around! see you at night. Come on, let you fall into doubt tonight! don't call me. I don't want to study, I don't want to take a part-time job, just want to be a salted fish? classmate, wake up, Marx finally today In the first quarter, the teacher should focus! wait for me, five minutes at once, no, half a minute is enough! let's stay up late together and sleep in! " In the University, they are unrestrained, young and happy! they quarrel, fight, play, snuggle up, love and unite, feel the enthusiasm of friendship, also encounter the surging of love and the confusion about future life, and write a thick and colorful pen in this youth. thank you for having each other, the most precious classmates, friends and lovely roommates in that period!

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