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Qing dusk snow

Qing dusk snow

Qing dusk snow

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    Qing dusk snow
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    Meng Qin
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2023-02-14 02:45:39
She She is the princess of Beiliang di His name is Ye Yao Seal dust my mother died when I was a child and was raised by Huang Yimu by my father. Since I was a child, my father told me: "your mother wants you to grow up decent, free from worldly influence and spotless." the love of an hour is that you can accompany him when you grow up a piece of marriage agreement between father and Emperor What kind of me did you make being bullied in the mansion Suffering, being bullied by my father-in-law, being disrespected by servants and being disrespected by my husband, I don't know when I suddenly become inferior to even servants I don't know why it came to people's ears, but it turned out that it was all my fault June 271, Beiliang his divorce broke everything I had. I had him in my heart, but he had no me. Even when I didn't want to take the divorce, he designed to harm me well, I'll take over the divorce. Since I've become unbearable, I can't show you my heart is kind, but the world is cold people in the world don't allow me they collectively sued my father and asked him to punish me people all over the world say that I am arrogant, domineering and bullying the people. How can I be called a princess then I will not be a princess as you wish Just be the emperor of Beiliang I I'm the princess of North Liangdi. What's the fear? What is fear?

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