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Only the deep sea has you

Only the deep sea has you

Only the deep sea has you

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    Only the deep sea has you
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    Weixin Book
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2022-12-22 12:44:26
The peerless killer Leng hanyue was born again by accident, but soon became a abused waste wood... A good life will force her to a dead end?! Then don't blame her! Because you asked for it! Quit marriage? Sorry! Miss Ben fired you! Poison? Who won't? Frame up? answer blows with blows! My fault? I just gave you back your "gift". It's Miss Ben's nature to cut grass and eradicate roots... She, once a genius of the palace, is now a waste wood known all over the country! When cold eyes open, turning hands into clouds and covering hands into rain... he is a powerful and beautiful saint. He met her by chance... Five years of agreement, but he didn't know anyone... He had no cold-blooded feelings for anyone, but only spoiled her "you, you stay away from me!" "no! No! Will Xi'er sleep with me? Hmm?" since then, life and death follow

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