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Glass rose

Glass rose

Glass rose

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    Glass rose
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    Black nainaise
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2022-12-16 11:38:20
Glass rose, beautiful and fragile Li Sheng is an unsophisticated novelist, a freelance worker, a beautiful abandoned house with a pitiful salary fortunately, Li Sheng has a rich family background. All his income and expenditure depend on his family. He looks cold and paralyzed. He is dark and capricious. He has the attribute of cold humor and arrogance. His biggest hobby is to tease others and call the housekeeper. Electrical appliances, all kinds of beauty clothes, shopping crazy lovers the biggest problem: hate excitement and strangers, have all kinds of unknown behavior hobbies own property: an ancient suburban villa (old enough to others doubt whether it is haunted), an honest and loyal housekeeper, several useless servants, small animals, Legacy left by parents housekeeper height 183, slim figure Name: housekeeper (miss's favorite nickname) dress: usually wear tuxedo and white gloves at home (change with Miss Li Sheng when going out) appearance: no myopia, but like to wear a pair of golden eyes, Danfeng eyes fair skin, handsome appearance, like to catch a smile on weekdays (smiling tiger attribute) Handling style: gentle gentleman (black belly, bad heart), loyal (willing to surface a set) decathlon, with all kinds of useful certificates. PS: only obey the orders of the young lady, and sometimes don't listen to the personality attributes that are difficult to control family members: wild cats without relatives (black, male, picked up by the young lady in the wild one winter night) elderly and confused gardener ah Bo nanny AI Meili (loves surfing the Internet and making friends) life is calm but unpredictable )

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