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I prefer that beam of light

I prefer that beam of light

I prefer that beam of light

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    I prefer that beam of light
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    Vegetable Dao
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    Cool Novel
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2023-01-15 19:28:19
"Hey, handsome uncle! Don't stand in my way." a female bully has become increasingly arrogant and free herself in the village since she was rescued from the lotus pond three months ago. She was racing down the big slope, her short hair was tossed in the wind, and her clean and bright eyebrows and eyes were like morning dew. As soon as he said "refreshing", he saw the uncle in front, ten meters or one meter away from her in a straight line... he was still towering and motionless "I'm K, why are you dragging my collar." "it's not fatal to ride so fast?" uncle Shuai held down the front of the 28 bar and lifted the "young girl" who was obviously not tall enough and still hanging under his feet from the car the female overlord raised her eyebrows and said, "Oh, it's fierce!" ... do you think this is an episode between the little overlord flower and the resting officer with poor health wrong six years later, downstairs of Huacheng South China University of Technology Library "September, wait for me..." the girl behind caught up with me. Mu September was amused and ran away "Peng..." "Hey, pain! What ghost?" before seeing the situation clearly, the person bumped into a human wall. She covered her sour nose and looked up to stare at the originator the man gently raised his eyebrows: "Oh! Why are you still so rash?" with a rare laziness in a light smile< br>

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