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Gong Zhiyao

Gong Zhiyao

Gong Zhiyao

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    Gong Zhiyao
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    Yao Yao
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    Lava Novel
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2022-08-10 03:36:55
Originally the most noble princess of he'an, she had no choice but to go to other countries to become the empress of Nanzhao because of the harmony between the two countries and the fear of her emperor's brother it's hard to go along the road of reconciliation. In the past, Emperor Nanzhao pressed step by step, and then the imperial concubine of the harem secretly calculated. This road of reconciliation is frightening step by step anluoben thought that maybe God had pity on her and gave her another chance to renew her friendship with her sweetheart. On the night of marriage, Emperor Nanzhao stood her up on the wedding night filled with joy, I thought I could continue the beautiful front, but I found that others had forgotten all about themselves, and I had a sweetheart in my hand every day heartbroken, she had planned to give up what she loved and spend the rest of her life alone. As a result, Emperor Nanzhao seems to have changed. He sticks to her every day "queen, did you sleep well last night?" "empress, I want to eat your pickled purple pastry." "empress, I want to stay in zhenshu Hall tonight." "queen, it's hard to walk at night. I'll carry you back." "girl, this is your favorite nougat when you were a child. Only sugar without peanuts" "wait!" Anluo said strangely, "do you remember the past?" "girl, I've remembered for a long time." "damn nanzhaohan, you lied to me for so long. Sleep by yourself tonight!" Anluo: "nanzhaohan, from now on, I want your heart to belong to me completely!" Nan Zhaohan: "girl, my sincerity has already been given to you." Anluo: "I have to rob Princess Chen!"

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