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God, please accept my worship

God, please accept my worship

God, please accept my worship

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    God, please accept my worship
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    Lifelong Acacia
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2022-10-30 07:40:51
"You will be my man in the future." I looked stunned, "brother Ningxi, you talk so funny." "your father told me." "my father?" I was so angry that my father sold me and helped count the money over the years, my father entrusted me to Ningxi on the surface, I still need to be shy and cute God knows, I avoided it, and the other party leaned against me "yes, I'm going to take you to Beijing for the exam when you get older." "I can wait for you at home." "ah Hua." Ningxi called my name and looked more gentle than usual. "When you grow up, more people will rob you with me." "I don't marry." In this life, I am going through a bitter robbery. Usually, the end is either the early death of my relatives or Kefu's fate I wish I didn't harm others. Now someone is in a hurry to be harmed by me. What do you mean see you in heaven. Won't you pity me I dare not accept God's love nine lives are not enough for me to die "I know." Ningxi has too many complex emotions in his eyes. I can't see what he thinks If I promise now, I can go back later just, will it be damned to repent just listen to him sigh, "forget it, I'll talk to you in a few years." are you letting me go I lay on his shoulder, slowly breathed a sigh of relief and exhaled as quietly as possible as a result, Ningxi noticed it if the corners of his mouth have an arc like nothing, it seems to be intentional.