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The lady in dress ran away again

The lady in dress ran away again

The lady in dress ran away again

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    The lady in dress ran away again
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    Cirrus white rabbit
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    Wine Novel
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2022-07-26 17:05:09
Zhen Shan looks like an immortal and has a heart like a ghost she was a demon imperial concubine who brought disaster to the country and the people before her death, but after her death, she was an evil ghost who disturbed the hell in order to send away this aunt, the king of hell presented a scroll of becoming a god empress, you'd better step on the auspicious cloud and go to the disaster God it is necessary to become a God. Please collect the hearts of hundreds of gods the demon imperial concubine and empress join hands and kill God? Heart digging this palace is very good at it "... Madam, it's a heart of love, not a heart of digging. Please be kind!" * the only man in this article, 1v1, is sweet but not greasy

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