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Dressed as a sadistic girl, I was spoiled by the villains

Dressed as a sadistic girl, I was spoiled by the villains

Dressed as a sadistic girl, I was spoiled by the villains

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    Dressed as a sadistic girl, I was spoiled by the villains
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    No cold rain
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    Passion Novel
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2022-07-13 09:40:39
[1v1 physical and mental purity] Shen Yuan dressed as a female companion in a book about the love and abuse between teachers and disciples< Br> a man or woman has been abused as many chapters as she has been abused< Br> in the end, people abused her, but she died as cannon fodder< Br> Shen Yuan is so angry< Br> in the book, the male leader is her master and the female leader is her younger martial sister< Br> after her secret love for the master was discovered, she was regarded as a tool person by the master< Br> the younger martial sister ignored him and asked for her< Br> the younger martial sister quarreled with him and he asked for her< Br> younger martial sister ran away with other men, and he still looked for her< Br> Shen Yuan:< Br> who doesn't have cannon fodder< Br> once she wears a book, Shen Yuan takes the initiative to stay away from the front line< Br> as long as she runs fast, master can't catch up with her< Br> - Shen Yuan doesn't want to go back to his family. He is happy outside for eleven months a year< Br> in her spare time, she raised a small medicine man, a man with leg and foot diseases, and a blind man< Br> if you have nothing to do, you can get rid of drugs and treat diseases in your own medicine garden. It's nice to appreciate beautiful men< Br> just one day, master came to the door< Br> luobeixiao: a yuan, don't get angry with me. I will return to my ancestry with me and obey my orders< Br> don't wait for Shen Yuan to say anything< Br> her captive little medicine man suddenly rushed up: can you shout ah yuan< Br> the one with leg and foot diseases: you can go back to your family, and you are qualified< Br> the blind man: what are you listening to? A yuan only listens to me< Br> later, four men started to fight directly. At the moment when they all took out their money, Shen Yuan found that she had three big villains in captivity< Br> I dare say that your frailty lies to me???

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