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The road is narrow, let me go first

The road is narrow, let me go first

The road is narrow, let me go first

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    The road is narrow, let me go first
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    Ning Lingyi
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    Pc Books
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2022-07-12 20:47:25
People say that it is the onethousand encounters in previous lives that bring a look back in this life. Tian CuO doesn't believe this kind of coaxing children, otherwise, she and Li wangba are at least enemies of extermination, which will cause endless entanglement in this life! Li Jue also felt that he was really unlucky for eight lifetimes before fighting with his enemy and entering the hospital on the first day of military training in University. I thought I would never meet this person again, but who is that person at the door of the classroom< Br> "the enemy's road is narrow, let me go first!" What they don't know is that the red line of fate has long been tied when fighting at the school gate

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