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A song is clear and clean

A song is clear and clean

A song is clear and clean

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    A song is clear and clean
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    Author amulr4
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-07-12 22:29:05
In the first life, Yu Qingluo was the innocent and naughty second miss of the Yu family, and mu Wuchen was the blind son of the Mu family. They met and knew each other and loved each other, but they never thought that the two families had a deep blood feud. A pair of mandarin ducks broke up, and both died in love. Second, Yu Qingluo is a female doctor who collects medicine for a living. Mu Wuchen is the injured prince on the way to escape. The two fall in love again and never want to be separated again because of their different identities. In the third life, Yu Qingluo was the princess Qingluo of Nanling, and mu Wuchen was the son of Dongli. The two were responsible for the mission of the country, and they married together to resist the invasion of the Beiming country

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