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Sink West with you

Sink West with you

Sink West with you

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    Sink West with you
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    Looking forward to the arrival of autumn
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    The One Book
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2022-07-12 00:38:01
A dream of Jianghu mobile travel derivative fellow, Huashan people can also have a good harvest of career and love< Br> Hua rourourou, the little martial sister of Huashan, has a Jianghu dream since childhood. She wants to become a great Xia who acts on behalf of heaven, fights in the Jianghu and has a great reputation. She accidentally picked up her little martial brother when she was five years old. From then on, Hua rourourourou's Jianghu dream has added a Chinese star< Br> Hua Rourou said, "little star, you will follow me in the future."< Br> Hua Xingxing didn't dare to resist at all, because it was not easy for senior sister to bring him up, not because of her unique skill "one sword frost 14 states"< Br> a "wild geese" group suddenly appeared in the Jianghu, led by a high spirited girl followed by a depressed teenager. They beat the only son of the Xiao family violently along the way, cracked the Yanzhou case, helped the villagers of the Central Plains herd sheep, achieved the story of Buddha's fate, saved the fallen girl, moved towards the capital Jinling, and vowed to eradicate the treacherous minister Gu Wenchang in the troubled world and save the common people from fire and water< Br> how can it be so easy to become a great Xia? How can the charming young girls think that they have become a thorn in the eye of others from the moment they step out of Huashan gate and the day they make a big fuss at the wedding banquet in Lin mansion in Yanzhou< Br> it's more difficult for her to expect that the little younger martial brother who followed behind from childhood, laughed and kept company every day, and didn't fight back or scold back, was actually worth Max in force, ranking first in the Jianghu list. He had long been famous and was the best sword in the world< Br> the mysterious life experience of breaking the new moon, Jinling City with strange wind and orange waves... Even if it is as bright as the moon in the sky, it will always be covered with a thick layer of ash by the troubled world< Br> one wrong step, one wrong step. In fact, in this world, there are many difficulties in peace.

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