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Be a miracle doctor in another world

Be a miracle doctor in another world

Be a miracle doctor in another world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2530 ratings
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    Be a miracle doctor in another world
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    An binwei
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    Cook Books
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2022-06-19 12:49:26
Ling Xi, a miracle doctor girl in the 20th century, was killed in an accident. Looking at her dead body in vain, a bald old man who claimed to be an old fairy came to her and promised to give her a second life "that won't work. Who knows what's going on there! I have to investigate." a monster with a human face and an ant body, a flying beast without a name But seeing her dead parents appear in front of her again, Ling Xi made up her mind. I want this life but! Old man, you didn't tell me there was a big devil with a black belly here! I just want to be a rich woman with the emergence of the truth of the car accident, Ling Xi was reborn into Linxi. Is it a coincidence or a conspiracy? See how this miracle doctor can make a world in another world!

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