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This palace is a villain with evil nature

This palace is a villain with evil nature

This palace is a villain with evil nature

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1886 ratings
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    This palace is a villain with evil nature
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    Seven white Xi
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    Woske Novel
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2022-01-24 07:15:46
Pure evil villain heroine * "truth, goodness and beauty" green tea men's match (cannon fodder) [Nianxia / non pure ancient words / sweet PET / abuse residue / 1v1sc / buheiyuan men and women / the evil villain of the heroine didn't have to be washed] Mo Lian, who was seriously injured and unconscious, had a dream. The world in the dream was a huge and thick script. All the order revolved around the male and female protagonists, and she, He was the strongest villain here and... Died since you are a villain and know your end, how can you be a qualified vicious villain if you don't change it? But whoever obstructs her future life, she will certainly smash each other first * Zi sangyue and Mo Lian are two extremes If Mo Lian is a poisonous snake born under the throne of Buddha, dark, vicious and cunning, Zi sangyue is a God who naturally shines on all sentient beings and gives people hope and warmth the poisonous snake wanted the God to remember her kindness all his life, and the God fell Zi sangyue vowed not to kill again, but he broke the precepts and killed Sifang for Mo Lian Mo Lian: "didn't you say you'd rather die than hurt people? I thought you would come up to block the knife for me. But... The scene is very interesting now." Zi sang Yue looked at the poisonous snake that trapped him and smiled gently: "Madam doesn't want me to be hurt. They want to hurt my favorite wife, so they can only do this." Mo Lian:... OK, Just when did he begin to say "madam" so skillfully [it's not a pure ancient saying. The reincarnation gods and demons will be involved in the later stage. This man is still a God and controls reincarnation!]

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