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Vicious girl, online life extension

Vicious girl, online life extension

Vicious girl, online life extension

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    Vicious girl, online life extension
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    Sake flowing glass
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    Long Novel
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2022-01-07 14:44:09
Su Chan, a female college student, unfortunately suffered from a brain tumor. Seeing that she could only wait to die, the will of the world came from heaven. A dead horse is a living horse doctor. Su Chan makes a deal with the world will and becomes a tool for the world will to use CP. Since then, I have embarked on a completely different road world will: you want the hero and little Bailian together Su Chan: OK world will: you should let the hero and little Bailian take the path of sadistic love Su Chan: OK... (why? Isn't xiaotianwen fragrant?) world will: you can't let men and women suffer fatal injuries Su Chan saved people with blood on her face: you have a world will. Why do you find a mentally retarded man and a mentally retarded woman who can't even save themselves? Do I deserve such a smart woman world will: does your brain tumor smell good Su Chan looked at the unlucky bastard who was also involved in a bloody face when she passed by. She wiped her face silently. Don't ask. Asking is the evil taste of the world's will!

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