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Lord Zhan is good-looking and ill

Lord Zhan is good-looking and ill

Lord Zhan is good-looking and ill

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    Lord Zhan is good-looking and ill
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    Hemoglobin and oxygen
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    Garden Novel
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2021-12-22 15:38:21
1. A new classmate came to Ruan Zhan's class in the third year of senior high school at that time, he was leading his classmates to a mahjong activity for the liberation of the whole people once a month. It was fun 2. The new students are so beautiful to sum up: delicate facial features, beautiful eyebrows and eyes, and cool temperament at a glance, Ruan Zhan's neckline is a little tight 3. When Bai Yu entered the door, he saw the famous character at the grass level of Mingde middle school beside the window I didn't expect that the car would overturn in less than ten minutes "my first impression of you was really good. Later, when I rolled over, I felt that I was blind to your beautiful face and couldn't chat up." hearing the speech, Ruan Zhan helped her forehead, and then her voice was deep and warped, "girlfriend, do you think I'm too much better? Give me a chance to chat up, huh?"