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Wear space back to 80

Wear space back to 80

Wear space back to 80

Rating: 9 / 10 from 49642 ratings
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    Wear space back to 80
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    Wind and moon shine
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    365 Books
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2022-12-26 16:31:28
Zhao Yue, whose husband was ruthless and his son was indifferent, was extremely disappointed in life, but he got a god ring wearing space, she returned to the past of the parallel world everything is the same: dark and dilapidated house, overworked parents, an eldest sister and four brothers there are two large tanks in the hall. Only the water tank is always full, and the grain tank seems to be empty forever Bonzi noodles, Wotou, cabbage soup. Food is light and family affection is strong Zhao Yue smiles like a flower: Mm-hmm. Dear parents, sisters and brothers. This life is different from the previous life. We must walk on the Golden Avenue of happiness have you no money or career in your previous life Ho, is this still a matter in this life from the mountain village to the capital, win success early family happiness is more important than anything else What, what? Love if you're brave enough, you'll come [relax is the main thing, and there are few top-notch characters and events. The female leader is not a proud female emperor, and the male leader is not a proud male god.]

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