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Polar night snow

Polar night snow

Polar night snow

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    Polar night snow
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    Bailing Yu Geng
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    People Books
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With the encouragement of her best friend, Gan Xuening, a talented girl with mystery IQ, designed a super handsome man who exceeded the limits of human beauty and IQ on the basis of human digital modeling, and was born on a planet with prosperous magical civilization. However, because he broke through the limit in digital modeling and pushed up his appearance and IQ, resulting in serious overdraft of moral, perceptual and other parameters, this beautiful handsome man has become a great devil who destroys heaven and earth! In order to make up for the mistakes made on a whim, Gan Xuening had to do her best to erase him... important note: the plot ahead has a long cushion. The birth of the male Lord began with "Chapter IV 'kill you three thousand'", and the impatient little angels are free to jump chapter by chapter ~ ~ ~ Introduction: 1. Talented girls with enigmatic IQ, and IQ 750 (yes, you're right) and 750 selfie (refer to the IQ threshold); 2. Magic text based on science fiction, with magic on the main stage and magic campus elements. People who eat this can poke it (welcome pokes of magic wind such as Harry Potter, song of ice and fire, wheel of time, etc.) 3. Fancy try to build a luxury stage with the whole skeleton scale of classic magic literature and use the romance line as the setting; the emotional line is slow but will accumulate to eruption; 4. One of the significance of this article is to meet the readers who want to see both the huge magic narrative and the ups and downs of emotional line. In other words, meet the guys like me See the heart of the brain hole of "CP style emotional line plug-in" in the serious 800 standard fantasy original text.

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