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Die without leaving your old job

Die without leaving your old job

Die without leaving your old job

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    Die without leaving your old job
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    Southwest border
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    Sky Book
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2022-06-20 18:17:07
At home, there is a father who has been dealing with Chinese ancient buildings all his life. When he was in college, he chose the major of landscape architecture dealing with urban construction and greening projects. Yuanye would never think of it. She ran to the construction site for many years and still couldn't lose her old business after her death reconstruction of ancient buildings is a simulated construction game installed by Yuanye on its mobile phone. In order to meet the demands of players to reproduce ancient buildings and restore ancient gardens, the game opens up a variety of construction zones, including ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, Byzantium, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo and other major construction categories "bad comments! When it comes to ancient architecture, I am obviously a good player in Greater China. Why not set up my China division in this game? Is it because our ancient architecture and ancient gardens are not qualified to form their own school?" the gardener who left the above bad comments failed to wait for the opening and public test of the category of Greater China Construction in the reconstruction of ancient architecture when he was alive, After her death, she was able to enter the game world and become the largest plug-in in China construction zone.

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