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The sick general s regiment pet Tian s wife has space

The sick general s regiment pet Tian s wife has space

The sick general s regiment pet Tian s wife has space

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    The sick general s regiment pet Tian s wife has space
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    Fengyuan candy
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    Hotel novel
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2022-02-04 09:18:35
Su binglan is a famous best woman in Suteng village. She spent money to buy a beautiful slave, but she often beat and scold Su binglan, who passed by, knew that he was the leader of the general's family. The whole family made heroic sacrifices. He was the only one who lived alone looking at his scarred body, he began the road of pet husband with the blessing of Koi, Lingquan space in hand, and the skills of a miracle doctor, she led the whole family and the whole village to get rich and became a blessing for everyone | if the weather is dry and it doesn't rain, the crops will dry to death. Look at her snap of her fingers and it will rain cats and dogs in the sky the output of the crops that the villagers have worked hard to grow is too low. Seeing her produce high-quality seeds, everyone has a good harvest someone was poisoned and broke her leg and arm. It's a small matter. See her use the skills of a miracle doctor to cure various miscellaneous diseases she goes into a mountain casually. All kinds of treasures in the mountain call her. She wishes she could pick them and take them back the food culture is backward. It's all right. She makes delicious food at will and leads the trend of delicious food... the person who spoiled her, protected her and loved her: "madam, I'll give you whatever you want." villagers in the whole village: "Bing LAN, you are the blessing treasure of our village. You can't be robbed." brothers: "sister is the most important. Brothers will get her whatever she wants." [Tuan Chong + Vest + no best farming + nvqiang + pet husband sweet text]

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