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She s been asked to marry again

She s been asked to marry again

She s been asked to marry again

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    She s been asked to marry again
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    Dawn storm
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-04-05 07:03:37
Chu Qing, the world's female emperor of Qingchi, fell after the war. When she woke up again, she returned to her childhood officials: "under the rule of the heavens, the empress will be a disaster as soon as she comes out. The heavens can't tolerate it! Your majesty... Think twice!" the emperor roared and roared. Chu Qing looked back: good, don't move she was born to be a king. However, the destiny is unfair and the world does not allow it. All the heavens are enemies she is Chu Qing, and will go against the sky from now on when she calms down troubles, unifies all walks of life and conquers the world officials: "your majesty! Fairy Yuze has come with heavy gifts and wants to be a beauty in your Majesty's palace!" "on the first day of the quiet night royal family, Prince Yu's wedding dress is added to fight with your majesty." on the throne, Chu Qing's face is calm and even wants to laugh. Men and women all want to be her guests of honor around her, the understanding lucky Golden Dragon's eyes opened angrily and roared ferociously "my lord goes against the sky and vows to fight against the world's heaven, and all races will either surrender or be swallowed up by me!" foreign guests have different thoughts, and Chu Qing has no intention to take care of it, because... Her life treasure trembles and her mood is restless at the bottom of my heart, a voice sounded wrongfully: they can't get married. They all come because of their sister's blood strength, and they are not credible Chu Chui chuckled, fingertips across the sword and sighed so she has someone to trust when she comes to the heavens, who can accompany you?

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