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Childe, that s my money

Childe, that s my money

Childe, that s my money

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    Childe, that s my money
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    Lin Yunli
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    Garden Novel
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2022-05-15 22:12:58
"Ten." "twenty." Lin Yan frowned, looked up at the smiling man opposite, and then picked up the fine tea on the table, "so, don't you want to do this business with me?" he blew gently towards the water surface of the tea cup and sent it to his lips "this is not how you do business, miss. You don't pull a dime and don't let others earn a bit of gold." the man took out the fan at his waist and continued to look at her with smiling eyes "childe, that's my money." finally, I couldn't hold back my mouth "hiss." he hissed, "he's so stingy about his dowry. I don't know how to deduct my salary when you come to my house." "it doesn't matter. We can separate." Lin Yan's mouth gradually climbed up a smile, as if he thought of a good way, or found a good idea to clean him up "that's OK or not, it's all yours, and I'm yours." the man imagined that without her in his life, he would return to the previous blank and shiver is daughter-in-law important or money important? Whichever is more important, everyone will choose why argue with her?