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The clock likes the game and likes you

The clock likes the game and likes you

The clock likes the game and likes you

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    The clock likes the game and likes you
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    Mellow wine is thin and warm
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    Pc Books
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2022-05-26 23:35:05
Introduce: when Captain Qin Zhaogang retired from CK, countless reporters wanted to interview him. Among them, a reporter asked him, "Mr. Qin, I heard you are married, and Mrs. Qin is still a powerful person. Is it convenient to reveal it?" Qin Zhao smiled: "she is really powerful. She is a fashion designer, and her English name seems to be grace." the reporters were in an uproar, Who doesn't know Grace's name? A single design drawing must have at least eight digits. The reporter was still unwilling. "What did Mr. Qin rely on to support his economic source after he retired? Did he rely on grace ?" Qin Zhao thought a little, "she did say to keep me, but I spent a lot of money and was afraid I would eat her up. I don't know whether the Qin group is enough for us to spend money." the reporters were even more shocked. It has long been rumored that Qin Zhao is the chairman of the Qin group, I didn't expect it to be true. Since then, no reporters have disturbed the life of Qin Zhao's little husband and wife.

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